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It was great to meet you in person, so thank you for looking up my contact details.


+64 (0)221 909 474


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Physical Location:

Central Wellington, New Zealand

A little note about my contact details:

If you want to try to sell me something (i.e. you’re a business representative who’s never met me personally, and just want me to pay you for something), do just contact me via the relevant business you may have been recommended me through.  My details are not here to be spammed 🙂
Thank you.

Some of these business interests are listed below:

General Handyperson, Fabricator and Maker, Maintenance, etc.

Personal Blog (favourite recipes and random musings)

Photography & Videography

General Media

Web Design / Development

Minutes a day

On-site massage in Wellington, NZ

The Therapy Agency (UK Based)